If only every governmental change were this easy. Officials in Huntington, New York have adopted the suggestion of seven-year-old Angelica Cunningham to change the Long Island town's name to Hauntington.

Every Halloween, beginning in 2018, Hauntington will be the town's name for 24 hours. The town's supervisor Chad Lupinacci and the town's citizens are thrilled with the whole thing. It got us thinking on the Beth & Dave Show about all the possibilities for Central New York. There are a LOT of cities, towns, hamlets, villages and principalities in these parts whose names could be altered to reflect Halloween. Here are a few:

  • Utica could become BOO-tica
  • Syracuse could be changed to SCARE-a-cuse
  • Lee could become Dracu-LEE
  • Litchfield could become WITCH-field
  • Sangerfield could become FANG-erfield
  • Holland Patent could become Holland BAT-ent
  • Westmoreland could become West-GORE-land

If you have an other brilliant ideas for Halloween town name conversions, send 'em in or call us at 315-721-0987.


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