No matter where you go, you see them - that couple. The couple you kind of hate, but also secretly want to be, just a little bit. They're just so...obnoxious...that you actually feel a little nauseous.

But what if you're that couple? How would you even know?

You need to look for these signs you might be that couple.

1. You find yourself wearing coordinating outfits. We're not talking about her wearing a blue dress and him wearing a blue tie - we're talking about similar pink sweaters to match your gender appropriate khakis. Red Flag: you're wearing the SAME shirt, just in different sizes.

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2. You're out to dinner and you're feeding each other food from the other's plate. One taste of your chicken riggies is fine, but feeding each other is for toddlers, and couples where one person is cheating on their spouse. Red Flag: there is absolutely any kind of giggling occurring at all.

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3. You call each other pet names in public. Listen, Pookie Bear, no one needs to hear how much you really love your Squishy Face. Red Flag: you use a voice more appropriate for talking to babies when doing it.

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4. You've accompanied your significant other to a girls- or guys-night-out event, and that's not your gender. The ladies don't want you at the Sip and Paint, bro and the guys don't want you at poker night, girlfriend. Red Flag: While this is happening, you're ignoring the people you actually came to see.


5. You have a whole handshake routine, just for the two of you. If you greet each other with a seven-step routine that involves a fist-bump and patting each other's butts, you might be THAT couple. Red Flag: Your greeting involves dabbing or any kind of chest bump.


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6. You do any kind of activity that could be used as a stock photo. If you're laughing together while riding bikes, cuddling in a rowboat with a parasol, or picnicking on a checkered cloth in a grassy field - you are at risk. Red Alert: You're holding hands in tandem bathtubs overlooking the sunset.


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7. You constantly gush over each other and carry on intimate conversations on each other's posts Facebook. Seriously, stop that. We're unfollowing you right now. Red Alert: you have a joint Facebook account.

If you have 3 or more of these symptoms, you are probably THAT couple. If the Red Alerts apply to you, you are definitely that couple.

We're not suggesting that you stop any of the above, (except the Facebook thing, that's just annoying) but be aware that many of us might be secretly hating you...while also secretly wishing we were you.

Any signs we're definitely missing here? Let us know.



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