There's an interesting story this week out of Pennsylvania's Montgomery County, where a therapeutic cuddling club for men has been founded. Bring it in, big fella.

The group is promoting Acceptance, Affirmation and Affection and will enforce "safe touch boundaries" as a way to transmit good vibes. And they say guys with bad backs, knees and obesity issues may want to pass. The group's page on describes the types of cuddling that may take place:

"Motorcycle style" (where) one of the men, the "holder," sits on a pillow on the floor with his back against a wall or sofa. The 2nd man...sits in front of the holder facing forward so his back rests on the holder's chest, his head on the shoulder. (There may eventually be) additional forms of affection such as hand holding, hair or beard stroking, back rubbing, hand massages, (and) group cuddling or...a "cuddle train."

We're not sure if this concept would fly here in the Mohawk Valley, but we do have some ideas for some other men-only groups that COULD catch on in Central New York:

  • Fishermen Who Are Really Only In It for the Beer
  • Guys Who Secretly Enjoy Vacuuming the Rug Anonymous
  • Dudes Who Spend More Time Walking Around the Gym Than Working Out
  • The "Camo Is Always in Fashion" Club
  • Italian Guys Meeting in Coffee Shops for No Apparent Reason
  • The Boys Over 35 Who Wear Their Baseball Cap Backwards Squad
  • The "I Swear I'm Not Overcompensating For Something with This Sportscar" Club
  • Guys Who'd Rather Drive in Circles For Hours Before Asking for Directions
  • Men Who Pretend to Like Football at the Office to Gain Popularity

If you have any other ideas, we're all ears. Send it in, Jerome.

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