You know how every day is always an unofficial, official, international, or some kind of awareness holiday or day? Today is no different, but it's probably one of the weirdest unofficial holidays.

Today, April 6th (Thursday), is "Jump Over Things Day." Really?? Like, that's a thing? Apparently it is, and I decided to be a little goofy with this holiday for this week's "98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn" video.

You can watch the video (at the top of this page), to see how I celebrated... Although, you can probably guess how someone would take part in "Jump Over Things Day." I jumped over some random objects around the building (which was followed by some really weird stares and looks of confusion from coworkers). Although one jump... Well, let's just say it wasn't good. Poor Gumbi.

So, where do these unofficial days come from... Especially this one? Or other really out there ones like "National Walk Your Plant Day" and "Be Late for Something Day." That last one doesn't sound like a good idea, though.

If you don't want to take part in "Jump Over Things Day" (we don't blame you if you don't), today is also "Fresh Tomato Day," "National Student Athlete Day," "Drowsy Drivers Awareness Day," and a handful of other unofficial holidays.





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