Have you heard of "Just Because Day?" Well, it's coming up and in the tradition of celebrating pointless, national days, we decided to participate in this one... Just because.

So what is the point of "Just Because Day?" It's a random day where apparently you're supposed to do whatever you want, just because. You can be a sweetheart and buy a friend flowers in honor of this day, or you can use this as an excuse to be goofy and walk backwards all day. Why? ...Just because.

In this week's "98 Seconds" video, Naomi Lynn decided to celebrate this national day by doing a bunch of random things. Seriously, she didn't tell anyone what she was up to, she just pulled them into the Lite 98.7 Studio, stood them in front of the camera, and did something. Some random things were as harmless as a high-five or giving a hug. Others, not so much.

Anyway, enjoy the video (at the top of this page), of a bunch of things you could do to honor "Just Because Day." And if you still need some ideas or inspiration, here you go:

- Compliment your neighbors on their yard
- Buy lunch for a friend or coworker
- Call your parents or children and tell them you love them
- Walk in circles all day
- Speak only in questions
- Wear a hat
- Leave positive messages on sticky-notes everywhere

Really, you can just do whatever. It's "Just Because Day" which means you don't need an excuse to be nice or to be weird, or to be whatever you want to be. Although, if you do take part in this national day, maybe we should all take the route of doing nice things "just because." The world could use a little more kindness. But hey, it's your national day, do what you want.





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