In this week's '98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn video,' I admit a weird thing I like, but it ties into something new at the Utica Zoo.

Okay, I know you're probably thinking "She's at the Utica Zoo again?! She's always there..." And if you are thinking that, you're right. I am always at the zoo, but that's because I love going there. So the Utica Zoo is the first piece of this puzzle.

The second piece is the weird thing I like...

I like socks. I know it's SO weird, but I do. I pretty much have a collection of unique, interesting, and just "out there" socks. ***NOTE: I'm not saying I like feet, because I don't. Feet are gross. I just like cute, weird socks.
Anyway, a friend of mine mentioned something new in the gift shop at the Utica Zoo. Apparently, they now have animal socks. So I headed to the Utica Zoo to check it out for myself.

Let's just say I wasn't disappointed, and I don't think you will be either. Even if you're not an "amateur sock collector," these socks are great. Not only do they have socks with Red Pandas on them, they also have lion socks, zebra-striped socks, socks with monkeys, and a handful of others. You don't have to have a weird obsession with socks to think these are cute. Plus it's a unique souvenir or gift for someone from the zoo!

And if socks are just NOT your thing, there are tons of other goodies inside their gift shop. I even got distracted with another 'item' that I wasn't even planning on getting. But I saw it and had to have it (and now it lives in the Lite 98.7 Studio).

What is this other item?? Well, of course you have to watch the video at the top of this page to find out. It's better than socks, I promise.




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