New encounter dates have been announced for the Red Pandas, Camels, Sea Lions, Goats, Ambassador Animals, and Call with the Wild at the Utica Zoo.

Thought you lost out on your chance to hang with the Red Pandas? Well, you didn't, as the Utica Zoo has announced new encounter dates that are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We are now booking through August of 2021! Please check back later in the year if no dates are available as we will continue to release more dates periodically. Due to the unpredictability of the COVID19 pandemic, we will not be releasing all of 2021 dates at one time. We hope to release more dates steadily throughout the next few months. [Utica Zoo]

Red Panda Encounter is for those 8+ and up to 2 People. The 30-minute encounter is $225 and dependent on the weather and the animal’s mood.

Go on exhibit with our WORLD FAMOUS Red Panda couple, Ming Yu and Muse. Feed them their favorite treat and learn about their conservation status. Please note that this is our most popular encounter and may need to be booked several months in advance. [Utica Zoo]

This event is an opportunity to feed the red pandas, not to pet or hold them. Those in attendance must wear closed-toed shoes. Two red panda encounters are offered per week (on Wednesday and Saturday) based on recommendations via the Species Survival Plan.

In-Person Animal Encounters also include:

Book your California Sea Lion Encounter!
Book your Bactrian Camel Encounter!
Book your Nigerian Dwarf Goat Encounter!

The Ambassador Animal Encounter! is where you can meet a chinchilla, see an owl up close, or if you prefer creepy and crawly, check out our cockroaches or tarantula. The ambassador animals work every day to educate the public, and you could get to meet them.  A private encounter for up to 4 People is $30. You can include an additional animal to your encounter for just $15!

The encounter lasts around 10-30 minutes, dependent on the number of animals chosen.

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