These are the scenes in any city in America - as progress continues all around us, there are many places that get left behind, abandoned. Let's explore Rome with Abandoned CNY.

Todd Michael Sainsbury and Brittany DeRosa of Abandoned CNY bring us another look around some of the crumbling and abandoned buildings of Rome. Some of these locations were in use for a long time, but many are no longer safe for entry.

Brittany DeRosa & Todd Michael Sainsbury/Abandoned CNY

Brittany and Todd have been exploring and photographing abandoned sites in Central New York for years. They've captured some amazing scenes around the area and love to share their passion for these forgotten places. You can view more of their photographs at Abandoned CNY.

I'm always amazed at how these fasinating places with their historical value can just be left to rot away. That's why I love capturing these places on film. So we can see the beauty in what once was. (Brittany DeRosa/Abandoned CNY)

Brittany DeRosa & Todd Michael Sainsbury/Abandoned CNY

Most of these properties still have owners and it is considered TRESPASSING to even walk on the property.