Where in New York State should you avoid if you want to see the perfect fall foliage? These are allegedly the worst spots.

Let's be real- Fall foliage in New York State can be very beautiful in many places. Some specific locations in Upstate New York may offer impressive displays, while others in the state may offer horrible views due to factors like geography, climate, or the types of trees present. According to ChatGPT, here are a few specific places that might not be ideal for fall foliage viewing:

New York City: New York City doesn't provide the same level of fall foliage excitement as Upstate:

While you can find parks with trees that change color, the overall cityscape can limit the experience.

Brooklyn: Similar to New York City, Brooklyn's landscape is full of concrete and buildings, not trees with vibrant fall colors.

Prospect Park and Green-Wood Cemetery are among the few places where you can enjoy some autumn colors.

Staten Island: Staten Island has some parks and natural areas, but it's still part of New York City.

Long Island: The coastal nature of Long Island can result in a delay in the changing of leaves.

Some areas with dense suburban development may also have limited tree cover.

Industrial or Highly Developed Areas: Industrial zones or heavily developed areas.....of course they will be horrible for fall colors:

Pollution and fewer trees may not offer the picturesque fall foliage found in more natural or rural settings.

Southern Counties: This was an interesting pick from ChatGPT. Up until this part of the list, this author agreed with most of it. This part doesn't make any sense:

Some counties in southern New York, such as those near the New York City metropolitan area, may not experience as vibrant fall foliage as counties farther north or inland. The milder climate in the south can result in a less dramatic change in leaf color.

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