We all have rough days, it's just a part of life. But for one Central New York mother having a hard time, an act of kindness from a stranger put things back in perspective.

You know those days where everything is going wrong? Even the littlest thing you try to do seems to fall apart? Maybe it's bad luck or maybe it's just a bad day, but when you're dealing with something like that it's hard to look past all the bad things and find that silver-lining.

That was the case for Hillary from Vernon. Not only was she having a hard day, she has been struggling with anxiety and depression ever since one of her sons passed away. This time of the year is especially hard. Unfortunately for Hillary, she was dealing with these intense feelings before having to run to her other son's soccer game. She decided to treat herself with a toasty drink...

When she pulled in though, there was a huge line and she was sure she would be late to her son's game. On top of all the feelings she was dealing with, now more anxiety is added, just because she wanted a little treat to help her feel better and keep her warm during the game.

While waiting in line, a car in front of her seemed to be getting upset at the long wait. Hillary wrote,

We sat in line for a while, there was a white/cream Chevy Tahoe in front of me and I saw him knocking on the window of the drive thru!

But the man in the Tahoe was not upset. Actually, he was letting the employees know that he wanted to pay for everyone's order. EVERYONE! It was a small act of kindness, but when you're dealing with a rough day, it can make all the difference. And it did for Hillary.

Hillary says she wish the man didn't drive away so fast. She would have loved to thank him in person and explain how it changed her whole day around. Again, you never know what's going on in someone's life. The smallest deed, that may not seem like a big deal to you, can mean the world to someone else.

As for the rest of Hillary's day...

I went to my son's soccer game, made it just in time, and I stood in the wind and rain with a smile on my face sipping my hot chocolate! A huge rainbow appeared over the field and my bad day was erased.

A Beautiful Rainbow Taken at a Soccer Game in CNY
Photo Credit: Hillary Fedoroff

"...And my bad day was erased."

If that doesn't put a smile on your face, or give you that heartwarming feeling, we don't know what will. What a wonderful story, and we thank Hillary for sharing it with us. Sometimes when everything is going wrong, a small gesture of kindness can change everything. Maybe today is the day you show a stranger a random act of kindness and change their day around?


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