We've never seen our city quite like this like this. Check out a nighttime, drone flight over Downtown Utica.  

The drone craze is here and there sure are a lot of fascinating videos featuring coverage of Utica, but if you're thinking about purchasing one, there are specific FAA regulations that you need to read before your first flight. According to the Observer Dispatch:

* Registration is required for all drones more than 0.55 pound but less than 55 pounds.

* The system is owner-based, so all drones owned by the same person will be covered by a single registration number.

* A name and street address for the owner are required.

* The registration number must be visible on the drone.

* Parents are expected to register for younger children.

The drone registration fee is $5, and needs to be renewed every three years. For more information on the process click HERE.

Drones can be fun, but they can also be pesky. Your neighbors may not share your excitement about your new DJI Phantom 3, so use good sense before you take to the friendly skies.

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