America's Got Talent Season 10 is already in its fifth week of auditions. These are the top five amazing acts from last night's show (Tuesday - June 23).

  • 5

    Grandpa Show

    Danger/Variety Act

    Now this guy's midlife crisis seems to be working out for him pretty well! I wasn't hugely amazed - but I am curious what he'll do next!

  • 4


    Music Group

    These guys combined two things I would have never thought of - a mariachi band with a metal song. It's probably one of the coolest combinations I've ever seen.

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    Arielle Baril


    This 11-year-old blows everyone away when she starts singing. Who could have guessed such a power voice would come from such a young girl?!

  • 2

    Oz Pearlman


    This was such a cool trick. HOW DID HE KNOW?! He asked Mel B. a very specific question (something that none of the other judges even knew) - and was able to know exactly what her answer was. Amazing!


  • 1

    Evoke Tap Movement

    Tap Dancing

    During last night's episode, they didn't show us the whole act from this group - which bums me out - what I saw was absolutely amazing! But this short video is enough to see how great these tap dancers were. I can't wait to see them again in the show.

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