If you missed America's Got Talent last night (Tuesday), you missed the final round of auditions! And what an exciting night you missed. These are the top 5 performances from the night (and this was probably the hardest list to narrow down to the Top 5).


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    These guys were once all professional dancers (a few years back or so). But then they decided to live the family life. Their dance to 'Uptown Funk' was awesome - and it shows that some dads can still rock it!

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    This group seems to be the most unlikely, and most awkward boy band, but when they actually start singing you see why they're so great. Oh yeah, and they've only been working together for about a month.

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    Duo Volta

    Trapeze Act

    I love the story of these two - they were once dating, now they're not (even though if someone is holding your life in their hands... well, I wouldn't want it to be an ex. Just sayin'). But besides the story, their act was amazing! They did some really crazy, and dangerous stunts.

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    3 Shades of Blue

    Rock Band

    These are some pretty young artists, but you wouldn't be able to tell that from their sound. They played so professionally, and looked like they were having a lot of fun doing it. I hope these guys make it far in AGT.

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    Xavier Mortimer


    I was in awe watching this guy perform. Seriously... How did he do it? His tricks were smaller - not so extravagant as other magician acts, but they were still so mind-blowing! Xavier definitely earned the top spot during this week's auditions.


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