Another exciting episode of America's Got Talent - auditions with dancing, comedy, hand-balancing, and everything in between. In case you missed it, here's a recap of Tuesday Night's episode - the Top 5 Acts!

  • 5

    Tao Porchon-Lynch and Vard


    Not your everyday ballroom dancers - this woman is 70 years older than her partner. Just goes to show you - you're never too old to shake it, and have a little fun!

  • 4

    Sharon Irving


    This girl steals the show with Hozier's 'Take Me to Church.' Mel B. thought it was good enough to push the 'Golden Buzzer' which takes her straight to the live rounds of AGT.

  • 3

    Paul Zerdin


    I always get nervous for the ventriloquists - they either blow the audience away, or end up looking cheesy. This guy definitely had skills - and had everyone cracking up!

  • 2

    Duo Vladimir

    Hand-Balancing Act

    Talk about strength! Talk about danger! These guys had me on the end of my seat. I hope they make it far in this competition.

  • 1

    Scott Heierman


    This guy was the funniest guy I've ever seen on America's Got Talent (sorry Taylor Williamson). He may be dressed weird, but wait for the joke that goes along with it!

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