The power of social media has helped an Albany woman find the nurse who cared for her almost 40 years ago. Amanda Scarpinati, of Athens New York, suffered third degree burns when she was just 3 months old after rolling into a steam humidifier. 20 years ago she tried to find the nurse who looked after her, but with no luck. Her luck changed after turning her search to Facebook.

Scarpinati posted pictures of her as a baby with the nurse at Albany Medical Center. “Maybe someone will recognize her. I would love to know her name and possibly get a chance to talk to her and meet her.”

The nurse's name is Susan Berger, who is now the Cazenovia College Executive Vice President. "I had the amazing pleasure to speak with Sue Berger. She's just as sweet and caring as I could have imagined her to be. She will be making the trip back to Albany by the end of this month so we can reunite after all these years," Scarpinati shared on Facebook.

Amanda Sacrpinati

The reunion, almost four years in the making, was worth the wait. "Its like Christmas. She was only about 21 years-old at the time, but she's apparently spoken of me often. Her children even know my name." says Scarpinati.

Berger tells CBS 6 in Albany, she never forgot the baby she cared for in 1977. Although Scarpinati started the search to say thank you, Berger says "I might say ‘thank you for letting me be the face of all of those providers’ who must have taken such good care of her.”

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