Woman Finds Nurse Who Cared For Her Almsot 40 Years Ago
The power of social media has helped an Albany woman find the nurse who cared for her almost 40 years ago. Amanda Scarpinati, of Athens New York, suffered third degree burns when she was just 3 months old after rolling into a steam humidifier. 20 years ago she tried to find the nurse who looked afte…
America's Oldest Nurse Turns 90, Still Going Strong
Most people at the age of 90 need a nurse. This woman is one.
Meet CeeCee Rigney. She's the oldest nurse in America and turned 90 years young last week. For her efforts, her co-workers threw her a surprise party and captured the scene in a video that has gone viral...
This Is National Nurses Week 2014
We salute all of the dedicated nurses in central New York during "National Nurses Week", which starts Tuesday, May 6th. There are several nurses in my family, and I know how valuable nurses are to our overall health care community.