We're all trying to find a way to put into words (or cookies) the gratitude we feel for central New York's essential workers. A local girl scout troop decided go with cards and yummy treats.... always a good choice.

Troop 40303 from Cato, along with 13-year-old Myah and 8-year-old Mikah, donated a variety of cookies to nurses at Upstate University Hospital. The Cayuga County Sheriff's Office posted these photos to their Facebook page, showing Myah and Mikah's cards with words of encouragement for the nurses.

"You guys are the true heros."

"We are thinking of all of you!"

"You guys are brave. You guys save our lives and the world."

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Thank You Letters

In the past week, two groups of medical staff, from respiratory therapists and nurses to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have left the hospital in Syracuse to help treat coronavirus patients downstate in New York City and on Long Island. Each time, they were sent off with lots of love and gratitude by other medical staff and first responders.

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