Not getting what you ordered happens. Probably more often than you think. One woman from Ithaca, New York got something a little extra in her Amazon package - a full vial of blood.

Jen Bagakis ordered a leather chair and taped to the bottom of the box was a vial of blood.

"If I told you the leather chair I ordered from Amazon was packaged with a blood collection tube that is...full, would you believe me?" Begakis asked on Twitter, along with a video of her order to prove it.

"I'm lost for --- words," she tweeted.

Amazon did apologize for the mixup. "We're so sorry to hear about this," the company tweeted. "That's not the shopping experience we wish to offer."

Begakis also heard back from the Executive Customers Relations team at Amazon who sent an email after failing to connect over the phone.

"First and foremost, I'm truly sorry for your experience. I can certainly understand the concern about receiving bodily fluids in your package. I've made sure the seller has been reported, and all appropriate actions will be taken to prevent this from happening again in the future."

The company issued a refund and provided a $100 credit on Begakis' account as a "small token of apology for this inconvenience."

"I'm taking nine showers in fear," Begakis joked on Twitter.

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