This weekend has been all about the heart - from treadmill challenges, to our sister station WIBX's Heart Radiothon.  Early Saturday morning "America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk took place, with an unbelievable turnout.

It's not even 8am and people are setting up outside their houses along Heartbreak Hill - playing music, putting up signs, and getting tables ready with drinks and snacks for the runners and walkers.

I pulled up the Lite 98.7 van next to an open street corner, and started setting up as well. Speakers up, music ready... Let the fun begin!


America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk 2015
Naomi Lynn/TSM

It was just after 9am when the first runners started passing by. A big hats off to them! Seriously, these people had, and still were running their hearts out! I ran during the treadmill challenge the day before, and I thought that was tough, but it was nothing compared to what these guys were doing.

I couldn't believe how many runners there were. They just kept coming!

By 10:30am the walkers were making their way up Heartbreak Hill. That was impressive as well - there was so many of them. People walking for others, survivors who came out to walk, and teams of businesses, organizations... everything.

I had a lot of fun dancing, singing, and just cheering on the walkers and runners from this great event. I even had some time to take some great pictures of everyone! So if you missed the event, know someone who was in it, or if you yourself ran or walked - check out the gallery below!


What a great year for "America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk." This was my first time ever seeing anything like this, and I know it definitely won't be my last!



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