Even kindergartners know you should clean up after yourself, but some adults apparently don't.

We're all under stress, and we're trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19. Some of us have taken to wearing masks and gloves when we're out shopping, which is just fine. What isn't fine is then throwing those gloves and masks on the ground outside the store when you're done.

Dear Person Who Can't Manage the Slightest Consideration for Others:

What kind of a self-centered jerk do you need to be, not just to litter, but to then endanger the kid who likely has to clean up your mess later? Did your mom not teach you to clean up after yourself?

During this crisis, we've seen great things from people: restaurants giving free food to kids, doctors and nurses standing on the front line to keep us safe, people giving up their supplies to help others, and so much more.

Then there's you. You, who clearly think you're so much more important than the next person, that you can simply discard your used masks and gloves on the ground and make them someone else's problem.

News flash: you're a selfish jerk.

Next time you're thinking about throwing your garbage on the ground, let me point out two things: one, there's still a garbage can in the entrance of the store, and two, I bet there's still a garbage can at your house. If you can manage to take your trash with you - stay home. We don't want to clean up after you either.

The Rest of Us

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