Here's another case of a Central New York woman who's more special than the rest of us. Last week, Beth witnessed a woman leave her dog's poop in a public park without picking it up, even though she had plastic bags attached to the leash.

Since then, I had the pleasure of encountering a woman, equally important in her mind and apparently more special than the rest of of us. You've seen the type: they zoom by you in the left lane, even though it's obvious everyone else is pulling over and waiting their turn to proceed through a lane-closure situation ahead. THEIR agenda is clearly more important than yours.

MY story unfolded outside a bank--one that has an ATM machine in a foyer between its outer doors and its lobby. It's early Saturday morning and I pull up just behind a woman in the parking lot.

She gets out of her car and goes inside. Then, I exit my vehicle and stand just outside the outer door, in order to give her some privacy with her transaction.

As I'm waiting my turn, a third customer pulls up and parks her car. As she gets out, I hear her mutter "I'm sick of this spit." Except, she uses another word that rhymes with spit.

She then proceeds to walk right past me and enter her pass card in the outer door.

I say: Uh, excuse me, I'm actually waiting to make a transaction as well.

She says: Well...I'm choosing to wait inside.

Then, she goes right in. And as I approach the door to use my pass card, the first woman finishes and The Woman Who's More Important Than Everyone Else sticks her card into the ATM and begins HER transaction.

Beth said maybe the woman was having a bad day. Okay, maybe, but that shouldn't give her the right to do what she did.

I'm not confrontational, so I did nothing except laugh. What SHOULD I have done? Have you ever experienced this before? Do you have stories about other People Who Are More Important Than Everyone Else?


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