The latest set of KFC commercials have revived Colonel Sanders, with different celebrities playing the character. Now, a new face has been named the latest King of Chicken.

Back in May 2015, KFC announced that they were bringing back Colonel Sanders to their commercials. When they released this information, they also released the name of the celebrity that would be playing his part. The first revived Colonel Sanders was played by Saturday Night Live's Darrell Hammond.

Hammond didn't hold the spot as Colonel very long, however. Without any news of a change, Norm MacDonald took over the role and has held it ever since. Well, that's until now...

It looks like Norm MacDonald's role has come to an end, and now we have a new face for KFC. According to UPROXX,

KFC has unveiled their new Colonel Sanders, saying goodbye to Norm Macdonald and hello to Jim Gaffigan. It only seems like a short time ago that we were introduced to Macdonald’s version of the Colonel and his crazy schemes to get people to enjoy his chicken. Now that chicken may have met its match in the form of Gaffigan, a man who knows his food and has built a career out of making fun of it.

That's right, Jim Gaffigan is now taking on the role of Colonel Sanders. Will he do as well as Norm did and hold the place for the next months (or years) to come? Or will he fizzle fast like Darrell Hammond did? Check out the video below and decide for yourself:




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