Listen - I get that there are some weird cereals out there. But it's possible that these new flavor combinations available at Walmart are the absolute worst.

Breakfast cereals are a serious deal. Remember when you were a kid and your mom tried to swap real Cheerios with store-brand oatey O's? And Grape Nuts? What the heck are those aside from a great way to crack a tooth?

Then, there's the trend of shrinking cookies and putting them in a bowl of milk and calling it breakfast. I'm looking at you, Golden Grahams and Oreo O's!

But what can only be called a crime against breakfast - Post has introduced the two most revolting flavors of cereal we've ever heard of: Maple Bacon Donuts and Chicken & Waffles.


I argue that this is the biggest crime against breakfast since the advent of turkey bacon. Why? Why do we need cereal that tastes like fried chicken? Or bacon donuts? Go with me here - but isn't that what ACTUAL chicken and bacon and donuts are for?

Stop making things that shouldn't taste like other things taste like things they don't taste like. If you follow my logic.

Have you tried this? What's the worst fake flavor food you've come across?

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