In the world of food headlines, how did we miss McDonald's bringing back a fan favorite for New York State?

As perfectly words it: "If there's been a McDonald's bagel-shaped hole in your heart since this item left the menu, you're in luck." McDonald's has been slowly rolling out across select locations since November, and now it seems like they're now being offered at most markets nationwide. That means fans all across New York can chow down on their favorite breakfast dish once again.

The Street reports McDonald's has three sandwiches to choose from with their bagels: The Steak, Egg and Cheese, Bacon, Egg and Cheese; and Sausage, Egg and Cheese. To quote Lizzo, "It's about damn time"

In theory, you can also order a meat-free Egg and Cheese, but that's not an official choice.

Participation can still vary and the chain has made no official announcement that the Breakfast Bagel has returned. Billboards, however, have appeared in select markets with the tagline "Breakfast Bagels Are Back!"

Snack Wraps Are Coming Back......Kinda

Just like the bagel fans, McDonald's customers have long mourned the loss of the snack wraps. According to Business Insider, snack wraps are back.....but not at McDonald's. Wendy's plans to sell a grilled chicken ranch wrap at stores:

The wrap appears to closely mimic McDonald's iconic snack wrap, which came in several varieties, including a ranch flavor. The menu item was discontinued by McDonald's in 2016"

Wendy's new wrap will launch nationwide alongside a new grilled chicken salad, and pomegranate flavored lemonade. See if your Wendy's locations has this on their menu yet online here.

New York is Home to The Most Beautiful McDonalds Location in America

The Denton House McDonald's location is at 2045 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, New York. Here's a look inside. [Photo credit: Lejaceman via Trip Advisor]

Check Out The McMansion! Most Extraordinary McDonald's in the World Here in NY

The home was built in 1795 for the Denton family on Long Island who is the founder of the town of Hempstead. It was an 18th-century farmhouse. McDonald's bought the property in 1985 with plans of leveling the home and building a fast food restaurant. That's when the residents of the Town of Hempstead stepped in to try and save the historic home according to Atlas Obscura. McDonald's agreed to restore the mansion in exchange for allowing them to build a drive-thru lane. Check out this unique and extraordinary McDonald's that is known as the Denton House McDonald's or the McMansion!

Vintage McDonald's Playland Pieces for Sale on Facebook Marketplace

Someone in Johnstown is selling some amazing McMemories-- Original pieces of a McDonald's Playland!


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