With Christmas coming up quickly, there's not much time left to do any shopping. Do you have to worry about it, or did you already get all your shopping done?

Christmas Gifts Galore!
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This is a stressful time of the year for procrastinators - The final days before Christmas. Actually, waiting to the last minute to finish up Christmas shopping is not that uncommon. Most people get a start on their holiday shopping earlier, but still have to pick up some last-minute gifts and a few items here and there - and those last items usually get taken care of the final week before Christmas.

What about you? Did you wait to finish up your Christmas shopping until this final week? Do you still need to do ALL your holiday shopping? Or were you on the ball this year, and maybe you got all your Christmas shopping done early?

We want to know where you are when it comes to your holiday shopping. Vote below and let's find out if people in Central New York are procrastinators or planners!


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