Thousands of topics trend on Twitter everyday, but this one could be the best of the year. #2015In5Words

What a year 2015 has been! Although a lot happens every year, it seems like 2015 was just a mess of political fights, celebrity stunts, viral videos and Facebook posts, and controversial news. So describing the whole year would be pretty difficult, and trying to sum it up in 5 words?! Well, that's the challenge Twitter has given the world.

With the hashtag #2015In5Words trending on Twitter, people took on this challenge by describing some of the biggest moments of 2015, random ideas to sum up the year, and whatever else came to mind. It's a pretty unique and creative hashtag, and people from all walks of life have jumped on board. Here are some of the best Tweets of #2015In5Words:




Some people took to this trend to complain about their personal lives. But hey, it's something we can all relate to, right?!

Then there's this one - That we ALL know wayyy too well:

There are thousands upon thousands of other answers to #2015In5Words
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