Many say we don't any any intelligent life here on here on Earth, but soon we may be confirming intelligent life from many, many light years away. In a new NASA report, scientists have detected a mysterious signal in X-ray data from the Perseus galaxy cluster far, far away.

What convinces scientists that this is not a natural occurrence is because the matter is dark matter or matter that tends to be deliberately created.

A report from IFL Science explains:

Dark matter constitutes 85 percent of the matter in the universe, though it doesn’t emit or absorb light like protons, neutrons, and electrons -- the “normal” matter that make up the planets and stars. That’s why scientists use indirect methods to search for invisible dark matter clues; its gravitational influence on the movements and appearance of objects like galaxies can be detected.

I'm no scientist and I do think that the dark matter explanation is a long shot, but if it's true, this would be huge! The scientists are going to continue to search the Perseus galaxy cluster for more signals which could lead to signs of intelligent life out there.


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