If you were a girl growing up in the ’80s or ’90s, you probably read ‘The Baby-Sitters Club,’ an almost 100-book-strong series of novels from Ann M. Martin that focuses on a collective of junior high school students who run an unlicensed child care business in their spare time.

All the girls had distinct personalities, and when Columbia Pictures put together the cast for the inevitable ‘Baby-Sitters Club’ movie, they needed a strong group of child actors to fill these roles.

For many of these young actresses and actors, ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ was the first step in what has become a consistent film and television career. Others were barely ever heard from again. See what all your favorites from the movie are up to these days below.

Schuyler Fisk, Kristy Thomas

Schuyler Fisk Baby-Sitters Club

Then: Acting is in Schuyler Fisk’s genes, as she is the daughter of Academy Award winner Sissy Specek. She made her movie debut as a 7-year-old in 1990′s ‘Daddy’s Dyin’ … Who’s Got The Will,’ but her biggest role as a young actress was as Kristy Thomas in ‘The Baby-Sitters Club.’

Now: Fisk is also well-known for appearing opposite another Hollywood kid — Colin Hanks, son of Tom — in 2002′s ‘Orange County.’ Since then she has concentrated on her music career and her 2009 debut album ‘The Good Stuff’ hit number No. 1 on the iTunes Folk Chart. Fisk has toured with fellow folkie Ben Taylor (yup, the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon) and she also found the time to appear in the 2011 movie ‘Restless,’ her first film in five years. The now 30-year-old married artist Chapman Bullock in July of 2012.

Bre Blair, Stacey McGill

Bre Blair The Babysitters Club

Then: In ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ Bre Blair’s Stacey McGill character develops a crush on Luca, an older boy, and then struggles to tell the 17-year-old that she is only 13. It was the first credited role for the Canadian-born actress.

Now: In 2010 and 2011, the hardworking Blair appeared on 10 TV shows — including ’90210,’ ‘Hawaii Five-O,’ ‘Franklin & Bash,’ ‘Castle’ and ‘Prime Suspect’ — and two movies. This year the 32-year-old finally snagged herself a regular role, playing Mrs. McIntire on the Olympics-themed ABC Family drama ‘Make It or Break It.’

Rachael Leigh Cook, Mary Anne Spier

Rachel Leigh Cook The Babysitter Club

Then: Rachael Leigh Cook made her acting debut in ‘The Baby-Sitters Club,’ playing Mary Anne, Kristy’s closest confidante. That same year she was Becky Thatcher in the movie ‘Tom and Huck,’ and in 1998 Cook appeared in a notorious ‘This Is Your Brain on Drugs’ public-service television advertisement.

Now: Prominent roles in films like ‘She’s All That,’ ‘Get Carter’ and ‘Josie and The Pussycats’ made Cook a fairly big star and a sex symbol right around the turn of the century. After somewhat of a career lull, in which she says she spent time with family and friends, the 32-year-old has found herself back in the spotlight as a lead in the TNT crime drama ‘Perception.’ The striking brunette will also be the star of two upcoming studio movies, ‘Red Sky’ and ‘High Midnight.’

Larisa Oleynik, Dawn Schafer

Larisa Oleynik

Then: Larisa Oleynik played vegetarian environmentalist Dawn Schafer in ‘The Baby-Sitters Club.’ During that time period she also starred as the title character on the Nickelodeon series ‘The Secret Life of Alex Mack.’ But perhaps her most famous role is as Bianca Stratford, the object of Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s character’s affection, in 1999′s ’10 Things I Hate About You.’

Now: Olynik, who has maintained her girl-next-door looks, has been all over the TV dial the last few years. The 31-year-old has appeared on ‘Mike & Molly’ and ‘Fairly Legal’ and has had reoccurring roles as Jenna Kaye on “Hawaii Five-O’ and as Cynthia Cosgrove on ‘Mad Men.’

Tricia Joe, Claudia Kishi

Tricia Joe The Babysitters Club

Then: In ‘The Baby-Sitter’s Club,’ Tricia Joe played Claudia, a club member stuck in summer school during the gangs’ fateful summer. It was the then 16-year-old’s only significant movie or TV credit.

Now: According to Joe’s Facebook page, she has a degree in dance from Fullerton College and another in criminal justice from California State University in Long Beach. She lives in the Los Angeles area, which is where she is from.

Zelda Harris, Jessie Ramsey

Zelda Harris The Baby-Sitters Club

Then: Before playing Jessie Ramsey in ‘The Baby-Sitters Club,’ Harris was known for playing Troy in the Spike Lee movie ‘Crooklyn.’ The New York-born actress had also appeared regularly on ‘Sesame Street.’ After ‘The Baby-Sitters Club,’ Harris joined the cast of the family drama ‘Second Noah.’

Now: Harris’ last big role come in 1998′s ‘He Got Game,’ another Spike Lee movie. Since then she just had one single appearance on ‘NYPD Blue’ to her credit. In an interview with Princeton Magazine, Harris attributed her lack of enthusiasm for continuing her acting career to a lack of positive roles available to black women. Harris also graduated from Princeton in 2007, so she should probably be able to figure something else to fall back on.

Stacey Linn Ramsower, Mallory Pike

Stacy Linn Ramsower

Then: In ‘The Baby-Sitters Club,’ Stacey Linn Ramsower played Mallory Pike, the precocious redhead who was already working on her first novel. 1995 was a big year for Ramsower, as she also appeared in the big-budget action movies ‘Tank Girl’ and ‘The Quick and the Dead.’ Fans of the Nickelodeon show ‘Hey Dude’ may also remember her for her minor role as Noelle.

Now: Ramsower, whose last acting credit was the 1996 TV movie ‘Terminal,’ is currently an instructor at the Joy Yoga Center in Houston, Texas.

Vanessa Zima, Rosie Wilder

Vanessa Zima The Babysitters Club

Then: Zima kicked off her acting career as an 8-year-old by playing Rosie Wilder, one of the kids the gang was paid to take care of in ‘The Baby-Sitters Club.’ Not long after, she snagged a role in the TV series ‘Murder One’ and also popped up in the movie ‘Ulee’s Gold.’

Now: Zima, 25, last appeared in the 2011 thriller ‘The Absent.’ She will be featured later this year in the movie ‘The Manson Girls,’ which is about the women who made up notorious spree killer Charles Manson’s gang. Yes, Zima’s eyes are two different colors as she has the condition Heterochromia.

Christian Oliver, Luca

Christian Oliver The Babysitters Club

Then: Oliver played Luca, Stacey McGill’s older love interest in ‘The Baby-Sitters Club.’ Before that the German-born actor was Brian Keller on the second season of ‘Saved By The Bell: The New Class.’

Now: Oliver has maintained an intercontinental acting career and does movies and TV shows in both the US and his native Germany. His most recent big American role was the 2009 TV movie ‘Tribute,’ which co-starred the late Brittany Murphy.

Marla Sokoloff, Margarite ‘Cokie’ Mason

Marla Sokoloff The Babysitters Club

Then: Sokoloff played ‘Cokie’ Mason, junior high school rival to the girls of ‘The Baby-Sitters Club.’ Before that she had a reoccurring role as Gia Mahan on ‘Full House’ and appeared on fellow TGIF comedy ‘Step by Step.’ After ‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ she played Jody Lynch on ‘Party of Five.’

Now: Sokoloff is best known for her long run as Lucy Hatcher on ‘The Practice.’ Since then she has been seen on ‘Desperate Housewives’ and headlined the short-lived sitcom ‘Big Day.’ Her last acting credit was a 2011 episode of ‘CSI New York’, but Sokoloff has been working on an even bigger project this year — in February of 2012 the now 31-year-old gave birth to her first child.

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