Imagine if your cat or dog had a Facebook account (and opposable thumbs). What would they say about you? How would they act? One pet owner decided to show us what that would be like...

It's bad enough you have to wonder what someone else is saying about you on Facebook - if your friends are going to post that picture of you, that you absolutely hate (you know, where your hair's sticking up, and there's a stain on your shirt). But what if you had to worry about what your pets were saying - especially if you own a cat. No hate on cats, but you know they're very... selective. Sometimes they like you, and other times they just ignore you. What would your cat say about you?

Someone decided to play out what their cat would do on Facebook - what it would post, who it would contact, and how it would act - and the video is hilarious. If you have a cat, or ever owned a cat, you'll know how true this video is.

I love how the cat seems like a regular teenager. It's like parents worried about what their kids are doing online - but in a fun way. Hope that gave you a good laugh to start your day!



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