What stinks about the economy is trying to save money. I’ve never been that good at it sadly. However this year may be different. There are some pretty cool things out there that you might like to buy that will cost way less this year.

According to DealNews.com, be on the lookout for bargains on the following:

  • Blu-Ray Players – When DVD players came out they were extremely expensive, but since most people have them you don’t have to pay much at all. Pretty soon Blu-Ray will be the same way.
  • Kindle eBook Readers - If you buy an older model, it will be a great bargain. Whats the difference honestly? They will still show you books,
  • HDTVs – Every TV can do HD nowadays so they are getting cheap.
  • Wii System Bundles - Hold off for just a bit on buying a Wii. The prices will tumble as new video game systems come out.
  • Laptop Computers - Solid, high-power laptops are becoming as cheap as some smartphones.
  • External Hard Drives – Remember when thumb drives were over a hundred bucks? Memory is very cheap right now. You can buy flash drives for pennys so upgrade to a external hard drive and you'll never have to delete a file just to clear up room.
  • iPhone 3GS - The price drop is already here. Prices will drop for other models, but you'll likely not see the 3GS on sale new for too much longer. They are already getting ride of the 4G this summer.

What are some products you’d like to see drop in price?