So tonight we have lake effect snow warnings, and in the E.A.S alerts we played earlier today, they suggested some supplies you should keep handy in your car in case you get stuck. So here's a list of what F.E.M.A. suggests you have.

  • a shovel
  • windshield scraper and small broom
  • flashlight
  • battery powered radio
  • extra batteries
  • water
  • snack food
  • matches
  • extra hats, socks and mittens
  • First aid kit with pocket knife
  • Necessary medications
  • blanket(s)
  • tow chain or rope
  • road salt and sand
  • booster cables
  • emergency flares
  • fluorescent distress flag

They also suggest keeping a half tank of gas at all times in your car. Plus make sure you dress for the weather. Several layers of loose clothing, a scarf for your face and hat and gloves. You should also keep some supplies for the house handy too. That would include most of the above plus some rock salt and sand, extra heating oil, or dry seasoned firewood  if your house uses these.  The old saying is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of  cure.

For more info, here's the F.E.M.A. site with the information on being prepared.

Stay warm!

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