This is pretty amazing footage! A bear was spotted crossing the road in Wyoming County.

If you drive up and down the rolling hills of Erie County or Wyoming County, you will see an abundance of farms and wildlife. When people refer to "God's Country" I am pretty sure that they are referring to these places. Check out this video that shows a beautiful black bear crossing the road!

The summer of 2022 has been so exciting! Being able to get out with friends and family has been great. According to all the posts I have seen on social media, there are lots of people camping these days as well. Finding a spot to camp has been tough as places book fast and are sold out for most of the year. But New York State officials remind everyone that you shouldn't feed bears and keep things around your home as bear proof as possible. Wildlife is just that; wild. Clearly this bear has no trouble finding food.

I spend a bunch of time in the woods and have only seen a bear wandering around once. It really is a spectacular sight and there are more bears around Western New York these days. From trail cameras to cell phone video, it is obvious that bears are around more residential areas as well. Keep an eye on your bird feeders and garbage cans.

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