Or Rome. Or anywhere close to us. Nope, you'll have to drive about two hours to find this chain that was named the 'best' in our state.

You'll have to drive to the Saratoga Race Course to find this fast food joint. We're talking about "Shake Shack."

Yep, Shake Shack has been named the best fast food in all of New York. Guilty Eats has compiled their list letting you "Meet the best fast food joint in each state." Guilty Eats named Wendy's the best fast food joint in Ohio (seeing as the chain actually started in that state), and Little Caesars was named the best place for Michigan (that chain was started in Michigan... We're noticing a pattern).

Maybe that's why Shake Shack has been named for New York, considering that's where the company started?!

Probably. And as you could've guessed, the majority of their locations are in New York City. Actually, 29 out of their 31 locations are located in or pretty close to the City.

What do you think? Should Shake Shack be named the best fast food joint in our state? Does something else fit better? Have you ever had Shake Shack??
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