Who doesn't love a plate full of delicious, cheesy nachos? Luckily, you have a few options for this wonderful dish right in the Utica area.

We're talking about "Great" nachos, not just a plate full of chips and cheese. Besides, fully-loaded nachos are the way to go, right? Anyway, here are some of our favorite spots around the area:

Rio Grande Tex Mex

Of course, Rio Grande Tex Mex in New Hartford is known for their chips and salsa bar, but if you want the real deal, the nachos with all the fixings, you have to try their "Cadillac Nachos." These guys come piled high with nacho cheese, shredded cheese, black beans, refried beans, lettuce, tomato, chicken, and beef. If it sounds like a little much, you can always get a half-order, but if you a nacho lover, we're sure you could conquer the whole plate.

Pedro's Kitchen

This Mexican Restaurant can be found on Commercial Drive in New Hartford. Their authentic Mexican dishes include enchiladas, chorizo, chimichangas, and other favorites. But we're going to focus on their nachos (obviously), and they have a few options. You could try their nachos supreme, which sounds absolutely amazing with ground beef, chicken, cheese, guacamole, and more, but there's a more unique platter of nachos we think you should give a try. They're called the "Nachos Fajitas" and they give you the best of both worlds: Fajitas and nachos. These nachos come loaded with grilled peppers and onions, tomatoes, melted cheese, and your choice of grilled beef or chicken. Sounds delicious, right?

Moe's Southwest Grill

Just because they're a chain, doesn't mean they don't know how to do nachos. And the best part of Moe's is you get to customize your nachos, your way. Don't like black beans? Skip it. Like all the toppings? You can add seasoned rice, lettuce, black olives, cilantro, tomatoes, even grilled mushrooms and cucumbers. And don't forget the queso (although, we're pretty sure you wouldn't forget that). Plus, there are plenty of Moe's locations throughout Central New York, so you don't have to drive all over the area to find one.



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