There's space for a new business in Utica, and it looks like Central New Yorkers know what they would like to see take that open spot.

Earlier this week, we brought you the news of Hoopla! Frozen Yogurt closing on Genesee Street in North Utica. A sign was left on their door stating they were permanently closed and advising visitors to head to the New Hartford location instead.

Well, now that the shop has closed down, it has left an "open" spot between Moe's Southwest Grill and Citizens Bank. So we casually asked what you, our listeners and followers, would like to see move into that open spot. What kind of business or place would you like to see open in that location? And let's just say, you guys did NOT disappoint with your answers (or amount of answers, for that matter).

Anyway, we decided to go over the most popular responses. Here are the Top 5 answers that appeared the most on the comment thread and/or caused the biggest discussion:

1 - An Ice Cream Chain: Dairy Queen showed up a lot (and we're definitely on board with that. I could go for a Blizzard). Ben and Jerry's and Cold Stone Creamery were also named. But after Hoopla! closed, and Nicky Doodles didn't make it in the same area, maybe ice cream doesn't work there...

2 - A Restaurant or Businesses Dedicated to Gluten-Free Options: I don't understand why there was so much hate with these comments on the thread, but it did open up quite a discussion. A lot of people suffer from Celiac Disease or have issues with gluten, it doesn't seem like it would be a bad idea to open up a business that caters to their needs.

3 - Sonic: This showed up in the "comments section" so many times. And I get why. Sonic is good, it's a unique way of getting your food, and there isn't one close by. It was brought up however, that area may not be big enough to house a Sonic location.

4 - A Seafood Place: A few different places were named like "Hook, Line and Sinker" and "Ted's Fish Fry," but it was also suggested just to have a seafood place with fresh options and a raw bar.

5 - Golden Corral: This buffet joint made the list a few times, along with the suggestion for other buffet places, and just some that are unique to our area.

Those were the most common or most talked about answers when we asked what Central New Yorkers wanted to see in the old Hoopla! Frozen Yogurt building, but there is one more comment we want to bring your attention to. This is the one I probably agree with the most, and was hoping more people would take this route. Sam wrote,

Honestly, I don’t think Utica needs another mid-low level corporate food chain. A small LOCALLY owned and run shop that isn’t food would be a breath of fresh air.

Yes! Something that isn't food. Moe's Southwest Grill is right there (and so is Babe's), and there are PLENTY of other food options within a five-mile radius. I think a locally owned shop would be a great way to go.




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