Want to add something different to your Thanksgiving meal this year?? Well, we have an interesting, but tasty, suggestion...

We're sure you have (or plan on getting) all the basic Thanksgiving sides: the mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce... Apparently NOT everyone will be doing the green bean casserole, seeing as it was voted as the "Worst Thanksgiving Side Dish," but you get what I mean, those types of food. Maybe some veggies, too - broccoli, carrots, and corn.

There's another side dish you could add to your Thanksgiving menu that we're pretty sure everyone will enjoy.

I'm talking about "Totchos." This interesting side dish combines two of everyone's favorites - Tater tots and nachos. If those two items are good by themselves, they have to be even better together, right??

And there can never be too many potatoes on the table during Thanksgiving.

The recipe has you bake tater tots like you're regularly making them. But then you add some shredded cheese, chorizo (which could easily be replaced with already cooked ground beef or chicken, if you would rather do that), queso sauce, and bake again.

After it comes out of the oven, you add the finishing touches - peppers, sour cream, and whatever else you would like on your Totchos. You can check out the video and the recipe below:

Looks pretty good, right??

It could be your family's newest favorite side for Thanksgiving.

And if it's a little too "out there" for your traditional meal, you can always save the recipe for later and try it for a Super Bowl party, a backyard barbecue, or just for something different. Either way, I hope you enjoy it!




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