We all know the Central New York area has some of the best food around. Now we're getting even more attention with two CNY restaurants making the list of the best outside of New York City.

It's no surprise that at least one restaurant in Central New York would make the list, but two?! Apparently, we're doing something right.

The list was created by Thrillist - naming the best restaurants in the state of New York, that are outside of New York City. They researched and found their favorite 13 spots in our state with two in our area - One in Syracuse and one in Ithaca. "Just a Taste" was the restaurant that won the title in Ithaca. According to Thrillist,

Being the best restaurant in town means that even after 20 years of business, there's still a wait to get a table. With 72 seats between inside and the patio, the place is almost always packed, and deservedly so...

...you’re enjoying the quality of an upscale New York dinner at actual Upstate prices, too.

Thrillist named the "Empire Brewing Company" in Syracuse as their other Central New York restaurant on the list.
You can see their full list, and everything they had to say about "Empire Brewing Company" and "Just a Taste" here.




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