What did peanut butter ever do to be treated this way? Slathered on bacon, smeared with mayo - it's almost...tasty?

When we asked which weird food combinations you like that your friends and family think are gross - you really delivered. Combinations like "white bread with lots of butter, sprinkled with lots of sugar then topped with tuna" and "Doritos and mayo on hard crusted Spanos bread." 

We did notice that quite a few things involved peanut butter sandwiches with an unconventional addition. We decided to try them out and videotape them for your amusement.

Peanut Butter and Jelly dipped in Beef Ravioli Dave went all in on this one, putting a whole ravioli on his half of the sandwich. I just went for the dip. The sauce was too sweet and made the jelly taste weird. We gave it a C.

Peanut Butter and Bacon We made a rookie mistake here and went with the pre-cooked bacon. Any chance this combo had to taste good was done in by the synthetic-tasting bacon. This combo gets a C+ graded on a curve because of the bad bacon (I can't believe I just typed the words 'bad bacon'.)

Peanut Butter and Mayo I had such high hopes for this one because I love mayonnaise and I love peanut butter. What could go wrong? Apparently everything. This tasted so bad, I started to question every life choice that led me to this moment. My dreams were shattered. We gave it an F-.

Peanut Butter and Pickles Dave was feeling a little optimistic about this one, but it was unwarranted. We went with the bread and butter pickles - maybe that was our mistake because this was terrible. Dave tried to say the pickle slices made it taste like crunchy peanut butter but I think he may have been suffering from Jif-intoxication. Not even the crunch could save this from an F.

Do you have something - food or otherwise - you want to see Dave and I try? Let me know at beth@lite987.com or in the comments below.



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