The second week of 2018 for the Lite 98.7 morning show featured lots of poignant and painful insights into our personal lives--but stuff that probably resonates with lots of Central New Yorkers. Here are Beth & Dave's Top 5 for the week of January 8, 2018:

1. My smelly sneakers. They reside underneath my desk. I put 'em on every day after I remove my boots when I arrive at 4:00 AM, then take 'em off when I leave every afternoon. Beth brought up their horrid odor on the air and people called in with remedies.

2. "So You Think You Know the Mohawk Valley." Beth went 0-2 on air and we had some fun. You can still have fun with the quiz in the link just above.

3. Sleeping alone. The answer one day in our Kinda Hard Question feature. As usual, the real fun occurred with the incorrect answers.

4. Leaving stuff on top of the car. I had a doozy this week, and destroyed some of the radio station's equipment. Beth took pictures, and callers chimed in. Thank God the company has insurance.

5. Mom guilt. It came up a number times Friday and drew a few interesting comments.


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