Come on admit it you probably have at least one outlandish yet tasty dish that you’ve either created or inherited! My grandparents are responsible for passing down a couple of my favorites.

 Goober Soup

Have you ever tried peanut butter mixed onto split pea soup? Ok it sounds gross right? The next time you have a bowl of this hot mash on a chilly Central New York  night add a table spoon or two of peanut butter. Not only will the peanut butter melt in the soup but it will also melt in your mouth. Thank you grampa for introducing me to this fusion of awesomeness! If you think about it, this dish only makes sense. Here’s why…the word “peanut” contains the word “pea”…enough said.

Hubbetti Spaghetti

I discovered this one by accident a few years ago. My cupboards were nearly empty and all I had left was a box of spaghetti and a bottle of ranch dressing. It’s basically two steps to food paradise. Step 1-boil pasta, Step 2- pour on salad dressing. If you have some garlic and butter don’t be afraid to pour that on as well. How can this dish possibly go wrong anyway?  Ranch dressing makes everything taste better doesn’t it?

Haven't you Curd

Teriyaki sauce on cottage cheese. It may look nasty but trust me on this one. For years, people have eaten cottage cheese dressed with pineapple and since most teriyaki sauce contains pineapple juice this one’s a sure fire hit. Cottage cheese also tastes amazing doused with Franks Red Hot. Red Hot is often used to make buffalo wing sauce. What do people dip wings in? Blue CHEESE.  Consider this a relatively healthy alternative to your favorite Monday Night Football snack.  You won’t be disappointed!

The Mickey

Do you like BLT’s? Yeah me too. Why not add peanut butter to this classic sandwich and make it even tastier. I learned this recipe from my gramma. Now granted not everything she liked worked for me, especially her meal of saltines in milk but either way gram I miss you and thanks for introducing me to “the mickey”!

Here's a few bizarre food combinations you may wanna try!



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