The Boilermaker weekend is more than just the race on Sunday. There's the Boilermaker Expo - which included my first-ever eating contest, the kids run, and tons of other activities - all leading up to race day!

What a weekend! This was my first-ever Boilermaker weekend - and I definitely was not disappointed! I've heard so much about this weekend, but this is the first time I actually got to experience it. It was a 'New to Naomi' I know I won't forget!

The fun started on Saturday, when I headed to the Boilermaker Expo over at MVCC. This expo had everything - booths with athletic-wear, training tips and techniques, health foods, and even some big giveaways. The best part of Saturday though - was the pasta-eating contest. I always wanted to be in some kind of food challenge, and I finally got my opportunity!

So, I didn't do as good as I figured I would... but I still had a lot of fun! It was definitely worth it. After the eating contest, I had to walk around the expo for a little bit, checking out more of the booths (walking off all that pasta, you know).

Sunday was the big day - race day! This was my first time being at the Boilermaker, my first time watching it, my first time experiencing it. I've never been so inspired. Seriously, my emotions were going wild - I was so excited for the thousands upon thousands of runners, I was in awe of all the dedication, and I was just all over the place. It was absolutely amazing!

This has been such an amazing weekend! I'm actually inspired for next year's Boilermaker! Like, maybe I'll run - I better start training now, though! Even if I don't end up running it, I know I'll at least be on the sidelines watching it again.



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