Some New Years Eve traditions will have to be put on the shelf this year. This event, that show and the other gathering has been cancelled due to the pandemic. So what to do? In our house board games rule the year and New Years Eve is like our Championship night!

You can't play just any board game however. You must choose wisely based on who will be competing. Yes, competing, we don't "play" in our home and the rules sheet will most likely be referred to several times throughout the evening.

We suggest playing these games as we welcome 2021. Here are our top 4 favorite games to play.

  1. Rummikub - We pronounce it "rummy cube" and this is the game of games in our home. Combining the card games rummy and mahjong but there are no cards! You'll need basic math skills and much thought. I know, sounds horrible but it's actually great! So great it was the Best Selling Game in the United States in 1977.
    Ages - 8 and older
    Available TargetWalmart
    Cost - $11.99
  2. Scattergories - You must have played this at one time or another. Scatergories hit the market in 1988 but doesn't it seem like it was around a lot longer? The game is based on a traditional game known as Tutti Frutti.
    Ages - 12 and older
    Available TargetWalmartBarnes & Noble
    Cost  - $12.79
  3. Cards Against Humanity - Described as a "party game for horrible people"! Makes this the perfect game in our home. A game as despicable and awkward as you and your friends..
    Ages - 17 and older
    TargetBarnes & NobleWalmart
    Cost  $25
  4. Mastermind - Mastermind is like Battleship without the ships! So why not just play Battleship? Mastermind is the perfect game for game night if you want to have a good strong argument. Designed to bewilder the logical thinker and end a party at any given moment. I'm told "free thinkers" really enjoy this game.
    Ages - 8 and older
    Cost - $11.99

Happy New Year! May the odds be ever in your favor.



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