We've all had bad days before, but this kid had a day he'd like to forever erase from his memory.

Have you ever accidentally broken something valuable that hasn't belonged to you? Who hasn't right?

When I was about 12, I was playing catch with my friend Noel. We were having a contest to see who could throw a baseball the hardest. Our hands eventually got very sore due to the high velocity throws we were whipping through the air. Every time one of us winced with pain, we would crack up laughing. Boys are weird; we like to laugh at each others pain.

Our game continued for about twenty minutes and we were having a ton of fun; until...one of my high speed throws took out a chandelier. It came crashing to the floor and shattered all over the place. I immediately panicked wondering how Noel's father would react after he saw this very broken, very expensive looking light.

His dad wasn't home when the accident happened so we had to wait 3 grueling long hours for him to return. When he finally walked through the front door, Noel and I immediately cut him off before he saw our mistake. While Noel explained to his dad what I had done, I waited anxiously for him to start screaming at me. To my surprise, the yelling never happened. He calmly stated: "accidents happen, don't sweat it."  I couldn't believe my ears and I can't believe that I live to tell this story.

I found out later on that Noel's dad had won a large sum of money at Off Track Betting earlier that day and that's why he didn't over react. I also discovered that the chandelier looked way more expensive than it actually was. Remember though, it's never a good idea to throw a baseball around inside the house.

I hope this kid in this video somehow gets let off the hook for his misdeed: He accidentally tripped in a museum and put his hand through a painting valued at 1.5 million dollars.