Brad Meltzer, best selling author and host of History Channel's Brad Meltzer's Decoded, spoke to me about his new book 'History Decoded.'

 Brad Discusses 'History Decoded'

The book grew out of the mysteries and conspiracies explored by the Decoded team. The book includes, at the beginning of each chapter, a 'classified' envelope with original source documents such as John Wilkes Booth's alleged will and John Kennedy's death certificate.

What Makes Conspiracies so Interesting?

I wondered why conspiracy theories are so interesting to us. Brad replies that many conspiracy theories revolve around whoever is seen as the 'bad guy' at the time the theory is debated. He gives a fascinating time line of how the culprit of the JFK assassination changes through the decades. My biggest takeaway - 'Tell me your conspiracy theory, I'll tell you what you're afraid of.'

Brad Meltzer Talks About Researching his Projects

I've read many of Meltzer's fiction novels and watched the entire 'Decoded' series. The research he puts into his work is very evident. I asked him about the background research that goes into his books and television episodes.

The Fifth Assassin

In my chat with Brad, he's brought up both the Kennedy and Lincoln assassination, so it should come as no surprise that his latest paperback revolves around the four historic successful presidential assassinations.

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History Decoded is published by Workman Publishing.

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