Something insanely weird happened to me today and I'm trying to figure out how.

Beth went to an event today, so earlier this morning I was in the station bathroom with her having a conversation while she was getting ready. She pointed out to me that she was using a specific kind of foundation, saying it was the best she's ever used. She never once mentioned the brand. This is important to the story.

Just now, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and an ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE EXACT SAME PRODUCT POPPED UP.

Credit: Kaylin via Facebook
Credit: Kaylin via Facebook

And with that: I have questions.

1) Is this just a coincidence? We all get random Facebook pop ups. I actually enjoy exploring and experimenting with different brands of makeup, so this pop up in particular isn't that far fetched from what I usually see.

2) I didn't have my phone at all near me when I was having the conversation with Beth. It's been said that sometimes our cell phones are listening whenever we are talking to target advertisements on the internet. SO EXACTLY HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? It's literally the exact same product we were chatting about.

3) This still leads me to believe this conspiracy is true. But - am I being watched in more ways than I thought???

What are your views on this? Are technology companies and the government watching us and tracking our every move? If this happened to me with makeup, I can only imagine how potentially scary this could be.

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