Amy Heckerling's 1995 film Clueless has become a cultural icon in the 21 years since its release. If Cher Horowitz had never ingrained "As if!" into our cultural lexicon, we may never have had Mean Girls or even cared whether Cady Heron wore army pants and flip flops. We also may never have had the crowning glory that is Iggy Azalea's music video for "Fancy" featuring Charli XCX.

Yesterday (January 19), W Magazine contributed another addition to the growing list of Clueless homages in the form of a short video on their YouTube page. The "Casting Call with Lynn Hirschberg" clip features Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal, Seth Rogen, and Paul Daton channeling their inner Cher Horowitz in their individual reenactments of Cher's famous "Haitians" speech. Watch their reenactment, and the original below.

Gyllenhaal begins the video with a preface, stating "[W]hat was unfortunate about reading through this for the first time—and I would also just like to say that I just got this—is that I realized that I talk like this, which is a bummer."

Rogen's impression is arguably the best out of the four, given how he actually attempts to modulate his voice to give as authentic a version of Cher's vapid speech as possible. By the end of the video, he eventually loses it and bursts into laughter.

And here is the original — which is surprisingly timely, given our current political climate and the debate over Syrian refugees.

Who gave the best Cher? Share your thoughts below.

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