All of Central of New York has been following the plight of the dogs at the Road to Home Rescue in Utica. We have some good news to share about one of the dogs.

Many local rescues and humane societies took on some of the 118 dogs that were kept in terrible conditions at the rescue. Among them was Rocky, a pit bull, who was taken in by the Stevens Swan Humane Society.

The folks at Stevens Swan took the time to get to know Rocky, to get him cleaned up and checked out - and now, Rocky has found his happy ending: he's been adopted by a loving family.

The photos of the big smile on his face tell the whole story: a dog who was confined to a small, dirty cage has now found a family of his own, where he'll be loved and cuddled.

Congratulations to Rocky, and thank you to all the rescues that stepped up to save these dogs.

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