There's nothing more disheartening that seeing a helpless person get picked on by a bully. In this video, a blind high school kid is getting savagely beat up when karma intervenes.

While the blind kid has his arms up, trying to shield himself, the bully throws punch after punch. Then, all of the sudden, a classmate flies in from out of nowhere and lands a knockout blow that sends the bully to the ground.

The hero of a classmate is heard saying a few things, including "you're trying to jump a [bleeping] blind kid" and "I swear to God, if you [bleep] with this kid again, I will [bleep] you up".

Luckily for this blind kid, there was at least one decent person around to save the day. The unfortunate thing is that there were a number of spectators, including the one filming it, that did absolutely nothing. That should disgusts everyone to no end.

You can watch it all in the player above. Warning, there is quite a bit of language that is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Just remember, be good to each other -- we're all we've got!

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