Oneida County Legislator Harmony Speciale was very proud of her Cyber Bullying Law in Oneida County when it was passed later in 2013.  Now, there are some that feel that she has violated her own law. Speciale was dissatisfied with a hair treatment she received and after a disagreement at the salon, she decided to report her experiences on her Facebook page.  She posted the salon's name and the personal hair stylist that performed the services and began to defame them.

Screenshot used with Harmony Speciale's permission
Screenshot used with Harmony Speciale's permission

Special told WIBX's First News with Keeler in the Morning on Wednesday that her comments did not constitute a violation of Oneida County's Cyber Bullying Law because her comments were covered under her First Amendment rights. "I was posting a review," said Speciale, "which isn't harassment." Listen to Wednesday's interview with Speciale and you be the judge -


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