When you use the term "Redneck" it can be viewed one of two ways: 1) an insult, 2) a major compliment. In the case of Camden, and this story, you can decide whether or not its a compliment. Recently, Camden was named the 10th most Redneck City in New York State. 

The website RoadSnacks recently researched which cities across the country were the most Redneck. Then of course they broke that data down per each state. Here was the criteria they used on determining the list:

The dictionary definition categories

- Small towns

- Least amount of high school graduates


And the stereotypical categories

- Number of bars per city

- Number of mobile home parks per capita

- Number of tobacco stores per city

- Number of places to get fishing gear

- Number of guns and ammo stores per city

- Walmarts, Golden Corrals, Bass Pro Shops, and Dollar Generals nearby

Note: For the sake of getting reliable numbers, we counted places within a city’s border, as well as within a short driving distance."

Once they took a look at the research, they ranked Camden New York as number 10. Here's what they reported on for the town:

Population: 4,934

Dollar store rank: 20th in NY

Bars per capita: 19th

Way out north of Syracuse, and along the confluence of major rivers and creeks is the small rednecky town of Camden. Here, you’ve got a couple of dollar stores, a few bars, some great fishing nearby, and lots of good ole’ boys. Fact is, some of the rednecks in this area love America more than you and I."

Who came in at number one? Hudson New York.

Where did other Central New York cities and towns rank? Herkimer came in at 47th place, Mattydale at 90th place, Verona at 81st place, and Chittenango at 75th place. You can view the entire list here.




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